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Attention Florida drivers: Is a distracted motorist nearby?

Navigating Florida roadways is not for the fainthearted. Especially in Tampa and other popular tourist areas, you may be sitting in traffic for hours before you can safely reach your destination — which is another problem altogether. You never know what another driver might do that you may not be able to safely react quickly enough to avert.

Distracted drivers are menaces to Florida roads. Have you ever stopped at a traffic light when a vehicle comes barreling up behind you, so fast and so close that you fear the car may drive straight through the back end of your vehicle? It’s enough to make your heart skip a few beats, for sure. Distracted drivers often cause collisions and injuries to others. If you’re a victim of someone who was negligent, you may have a long road ahead to recovery.

Distracted driving facts you should know

If one loses himself or herself in thought behind the wheel, you really have no way of knowing that he or she is distracted. You’re not a mind-reader, and there may be little to no signs that a person is daydreaming. However, distracted thinking is a major cause of highway accidents in Florida, along with some of the other issues included in the following list:

  • Hand-held electronic devices are handy tools for many reasons. They can also place you and all drivers or pedestrians near you at risk for injury if you use them while driving.
  • Data shows nearly 700,000 people are using such devices while operating vehicles at any given time on U.S. roadways.
  • Music can distract you as well. If you’re adjusting radio knobs or just lose yourself in your favorite tunes, your focus will likely not be where it should: on the road.
  • If you’ve been running around all day at work and didn’t even have time for a lunch break, you might want to grab something to eat on your way home. It’s typically a bad idea, though, because eating or drinking while driving might cause a serious collision.

If you’re the parent of a young and inexperienced driver, you might want to talk about distracted driving with him or her. While you might survive a crash with a distracted driver, it is understandable you’d feel frustrated or angry upon learning the whole incident could likely have been prevented were it not for another person’s negligence.

During recovery, you’ll no doubt encounter many challenges, not the least of which might be how to seek justice against the motorist who caused your injuries.