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Tampa Accident Attorneys > Articles > Study: Progesterone is not an effective treatment for TBI victims

Study: Progesterone is not an effective treatment for TBI victims

A recent study revealed that progesterone, which showed promise in early trials, is not an effective way to treat the effects of brain injuries.

Those who incur a brain injury in Florida may have a difficult time making a full recovery from the head trauma they sustain because there is no completely effective treatment option. In past smaller trials as well as data collected from animal models, according to Forbes, the human hormone, progesterone, showed promise in treating traumatic brain injuries. However, in a recent Phase III study, those with a TBI who received this hormone showed no clinical improvements.

To come to this conclusion, nearly 2,000 patients between the ages of 16 to 70-years-old with a severe TBI were either given progesterone or a placebo. Those who were administered the progesterone were given this hormone within eight hours after the initial trauma. They then continued to receive it for 120 hours after the accident occurred.

Why finding a treatment option is difficult

This particular study highlights how difficult it is to find a drug that is effective for treatinginjuries to the brain. According to Forbes, one of the reasons why the animal models with brain injuries may have shown promise after receiving progesterone is because these models usually only replicate one aspect of the injury. However, human patients who sustain trauma to their head may experience a variety of surgical and medical problems that affect how well they recover.

How brain injuries are treated

The Mayo Clinic states that serious brain injuries can result in physical harm to the brain that causes long-term damage or death. Those who sustain a TBI may require medications and surgery to limit the amount of secondary damage their brain incurs. For example, after the initial trauma, medical professionals may perform an operation that creates an opening in the skull. This procedure is designed to relieve pressure inside of the head, drain cerebral spinal fluid from this region and ultimately make more room for swollen tissues.

Those who sustain a TBI may also need rehabilitation to relearn basic skills like walking or talking. To do this, TBI victims may work with an occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech language pathologist and other specialists, states the Mayo Clinic. The type of rehabilitation required and how long it is needed for depends on the part of the brain that was injured and the severity of the injury.

Seeking compensation

Those in Florida who sustain trauma to their head may find that they incur significant medical bills while seeking treatment for their TBI. If you or one of your loved ones is living with the effects of a brain injury, speak with an attorney to determine what compensation may be available to you.

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