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A minor injury can lead to big health problems in the future

It can be difficult in the immediate aftermath of a Florida accident to truly grasp the nature of an injury. In fact, it can be weeks or months before you understand how an injury will affect your daily life and future. For some accident victims, what started as a relatively minor injury becomes worse over time, resulting in a new diagnosis of a painful condition called complex regional pain syndrome.

CRPS is a chronic medical condition that lasts for a least six months or longer. Most often, it affects one limb near or around an area where there was recently an injury. It is an extremely painful condition, and one that doctors believe is the result of damage to the nerves surrounding an injury site.

A little known, but very serious condition

Not many people know about or understand what CRPS is and how it can impact a person who recently suffered an injury. Doctors do not fully understand it, but it can be debilitating and long lasting, ultimately affecting a person’s ability to work and function normally. When a nerve suffers damage, the result can be pain and other effects. In people who suffer from CRPS, signs of the condition can include:

  • Changes in the skin color
  • Changes in temperature
  • Swelling in and around the affected limb
  • Prolonged, severe pain
  • Burning, tingling or loss of sensation in one limb
  • Stiffness in the joints
  • Changes in mobility

Some cases of CRPS resolve over time and eventually go away. In severe cases, the pain can be long lasting. Doctors do not understand why some people develop this condition after suffering an injury and some do not, but if you do have it, you need medical care and time to recover. If your minor injury eventually turned into a major health crisis, even long after an accident, you do not have to deal with these complications on your own.

The recovery you deserve

If you received a diagnosis of CRPS, you have no time to lose in seeking guidance regarding your legal options. When insurance refuses to pay what you need for a full and fair recovery or you have not received the amount you need for medical care, you can fight back.

It may be necessary to take legal action to secure the money you deserve, but you have the right to treatment, care and support. CRPS is a valid medical condition and a valid reason why you should get compensation if another person or party is responsible for your suffering.