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A drunk driving car accident can be financially devastating

Drunk driving is a national problem, but it hits home when Tampa residents become the victims of collisions with intoxicated drivers. An accident with a drunk driver can at best, result in property damage and few injuries. At worst, a drunk driving accident can claim lives and leave loved ones of the victims reeling in their suffering.

Even the safest driver may fall victim to a drunk driver, if they happen to have the bad luck to be on the road at the same time with the dangerous individual. If they survive their incident, they may have serious injuries to heal from and pain and suffering to overcome that can last a lifetime.

The attorneys and staff of Anderson & Anderson know that in the wake of a violent drunk driving-related car accident the first thing a victim should do is take care of their health and well-being. Next, victims should begin to consider and identify their legal rights and options.

Personal injury claims based on drunk driving car accidents may be pursued, even if the drunk drivers also faces criminal charges for their reckless conduct. A claim based on the losses a victim endures through an accident may provide them with the financial support they need to work toward the recovery.

The law firm of Anderson & Anderson is available to speak with individuals who have suffered injury and loss at the hands of dangerous drunk drivers. Through legal counseling and open communication, they help their clients understand what options they have and how best to pursue their legal rights, so that they may work toward the compensation they deserve.