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A dangerous product may result in a serious consumer injury

It can take years for the manufacturer of goods to develop and release a product for consumer use and consumption. During that time, the manufacturer may take the product through various iterations, refining its design and improving its usability to increase its likelihood of being bought. During that time, manufacturers also often look for ways to ensure their products comply with consumer safety standards.

While many of the products that come into the hands of Tampa residents pose no threats when their manufacturers use them as intended, some suffer from latent defects can cause serious injuries to the consumers who buy them. When a consumer uses a product as it was intended and suffers an injury, as a result it is possible that the product suffers from a defect that may impose liability upon its manufacturer.

Product defects may occur during the design of an item, during its manufacturing or during the process of labeling it with warnings and instructions that may fail to properly notify users of its dangers. Its own statutes govern products liability law, the area of personal injury law that applies to these types of cases and individuals who suffered harm due to dangerous productscan choose to work with attorneys who practice in this area.

Anderson & Anderson, Attorneys at Law, provide representation for individuals who have suffered injuries from dangerous consumer goods. Through litigation against negligent manufacturers, consumers are often able to seek compensation for their losses and set their lives back on track as they recover from their injuries. The lawyers and staff of Anderson & Anderson look forward to hearing from new prospective clients, who wish to protect their legal rights and recover their damages from defective product injuries.