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3 of the top 7 roads for fatal car accidents are in Florida

Florida is an attractive place to live; it is also a common destination for those who are on vacation. This is due to the numerous attractions in the state as well as the warm weather. However, with that comes the reality that the state has a large number of accidents on the road. A study has shown that the state has three of the seven most dangerous interstate roads in the entire United States. Research is looking into the causes as to why an auto accident might happen with such frequency in Florida.

Interstate 4 is the road with the highest number of fatal crashes. Interstate 95 comes in fifth. Interstate comes in seventh.

Analysis conducted by EverQuote accrued this information using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It also used its own app to keep track of phone activity on the part of drivers.

Being a distracted driver is viewed as a common reason why crashes happen. According to the EverDrive app, Florida has the second highest incidence rate of people who use their phones while behind the wheel.

The laws of the state might have something to do with the prevalence of being a distracted driver. Unlike many other states, drivers are allowed to simultaneously drive and talk on their phones. Texting and driving is an offense that will only lead to a citation if they have been found to have done it more than once.

Other issues that are considered relevant are the number of tourists who are traveling in the state, renting vehicles and utilizing navigational apps that will inevitably remove their eyes and focus from the road.

The idea behind studies is to determine how accidents occur and take steps to stop it. As of now, the information with three Florida roadways in the top seven of highest fatal accidents is worrisome, but there is not a great deal that has been done about it as of yet. For those who have lost loved ones in car accidents, there will be a litany of issues they have to deal with such as making ends meet and getting beyond the emotional upheaval of an unexpected loss. Having evidence as to how and why it happened can help with receiving compensation in a lawsuit. A lawyer can provide assistance in a claim.

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