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Wrongful Death Archives

Dangerous driving leads to fatal pedestrian accident at bus stop

Public transportation provides a useful and necessary service for countless people throughout the state of Florida. While some use buses, trains and other transportation services to get to work and school, others use public transit as an alternative to driving when taking a night out for fun. While public transportation can be convenient and efficient, it does require riders to exercise some patience as they wait for coming rides.

Statute of limitations can toll wrongful death claim

After a fatal accident or incident, it can be a challenge for a Florida family to say goodbye to their deceased loved one and begin to move forward with their lives. They may not wish to linger on the facts and issues surrounding the death, so that they may find the time to heal from their suffering. However, as individuals work toward finding peace after the death of a loved one at the hands of a negligent party, the time during which they may pursue a wrongful death claim begins to toll.

Does Florida have a wrongful death statute?

In a word, yes. The Florida legislature has enacted a wrongful death statute that is codified in the state's laws. The intent of the statute is to take the financial burden of managing a fatal accident victim's final needs off their family, and place it on the party or parties that caused the victim to die. This post is a general overview of this important personal injury law but it is not legal advice.

Wrongful death lawsuits vindicate family members' rights

When a victim perishes at the hands of a negligent party in an automobile accident, premises liability incident, or other event, the burden of meeting the victim's accident-related costs will fall on their family to pay. In addition, the family has lost the support and companionship of the victim, and may face severe economic hardship if the victim was a breadwinner. To address these injustices, Florida law allows family members of a deceased victim to bring a wrongful death claim against a party whose negligence or wrongful act caused the death.

Florida House Speaker suggests change to medical malpractice

Unfortunately, throughout the United States, including Florida, there are instances where doctors, surgeons or medical professionals do not live up to the highest standards expected of them at a medical facility and may fail to properly care for a patient. Unlike many occupations where if you make a mistake it can be corrected quickly and without major ramifications, in the medical field an error while caring for a patient could literally mean the difference between life and death.

Sunday night following Super Bowl often leads to deadly accidents

It comes as no surprise that year after year, the day after the Super Bowl is notoriously known as one of the worst days for productivity in the American workforce. The football game is watched by tens of millions throughout the country, often at bars, restaurants, and at the homes of family and friends.

Seeking justice on behalf of your child

Did you know the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's statistics show there were nearly 300,000 drunk driving deaths in the nation last year? These frightening statistics increase in frequency around the holidays, and many of these tragedies occurred here in Florida.

Worker dies in Florida chemical plant explosion

When someone is killed in an accident at work, the family left behind must make certain to protect themselves. This can be a secondary consideration in the context of the loss of a loved one, but it is imperative to remember what can be done to receive compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Fatal truck accident kills SUV driver who had green light

In Florida and throughout the United States, there's a tacit understanding between those who share the road that the traffic signs will be adhered to for the safety of everyone. When a driver makes a mistake or ignores those traffic signs, it can lead to an accident. Unfortunately, many of these crashes can result in a wrongful death. Not only does this type of accident cause the loss of a loved one for the family left behind, but also it could lead to a multitude of problems that can only be solved by seeking compensation in a legal filing.

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