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Qualified truck drivers possess commercial drivers' licenses

Florida residents of a certain age, who pass written and operative tests, are allowed to obtain drivers' licenses that permit them to drive. However, a private drivers' license is not a free pass to operate any vehicle that contains a steering wheel. Commercial vehicles, such as big rigs, buses and tank trucks, require their drivers to hold special commercial licenses that are subject to their own testing mandates.

Special considerations may apply when litigating a truck accident

Large trucks carry goods all across the state of Florida, and usually, they make it from their starting destinations to their final stops without encountering any problems. However, when a large truck is involved in an accident, the results can be catastrophic. Though car accidents may occur more frequently, truck accidents result in around 5,000 deaths each year.

Understanding the dangers of trucks on the road

If you drive, you no doubt see large trucks on the road every day. Throughout the United States, including the Tampa, Florida area, they undoubtedly serve an important service to people, whether it is delivering food and products to stores, equipment and supplies to manufacturers, or even dump trucks delivering trash to a landfill.

The factors that may have caused your truck accident

Due to the size and weight of these massive vehicles, a semi truck can cause significant damage if it is involved in collision with a smaller vehicle. Truck drivers bear the responsibility of being safe when sharing the road with other drivers, but they do not always take this responsibility seriously, resulting in the injury or even death of innocent people.

Standing up for your rights after a catastrophic truck accident

Semi-trucks are an essential part of commerce in Tampa and across the United States. They carry all sorts of goods for sale both to and from Florida. Companies depend on semi-truck drivers to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. After all, "time is money." However, it is important that truck drivers comply with federal trucking regulations and drive in a responsible manner. The failure to do so could lead to truck accidents.

New collision-avoidance system intended to prevent truck accidents

When a semi-truck crashes with an ordinary vehicle, the consequences are not pretty, especially for anyone in the regular vehicle. The good news is that automotive technology is constantly moving forward in order to reduce the various tragedies that occur on the road.

Russian truckers with falsely obtained licenses are loose in Florida

The federal government regulates the process of attaining commercial driver's licenses (CDLs) to ensure accountability and safety. After all, if drivers without proper training obtain CDLs, it is possible that these drivers will cause serious trucking accidents. Such drivers hit the road with the proper license, but without the necessary knowledge and skill to operate large vehicles safely.

New training ideas meant to tamp down on truck accidents

When there is a truck accident in Florida or anywhere in the U.S., one of the first issues that must be considered when determining its cause is whether it was due to an unqualified truck driver. Given the large size and speeds at which these trucks travel, crashes can cause serious injuries and fatalities. The failure to properly train the trucker can be due to negligent acts on the part of the truck company or it might have been because the driver did not receive the proper training and lied about it. Understanding how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration handles its rules in this regard can help with considering litigation.

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