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Negligence can take on many forms during a car accident

Personal injuries often result when someone, either the victim or another person, engages in negligent behavior. If a person acts negligently and causes their own harm, they generally do not have the right to recover their damages, as there is no one but himself or herself to blame. However, if a Tampa resident is hurt because of the carelessness or lack of regard of another person or entity, then that victim may be able to sue for their damages and recover their accident-related costs.

Why might I sue after suffering injuries in a car accident?

A car accident can change the course of a Tampa resident's life forever. Though some accidents do not result in serious injuries to their victims, others leave innocent parties suffering from significant ailments that may never fully recover. Many victims of car accidents must visit doctors to help them heal, must take time off of work to mend their wounds, and must endure pain and suffering in an effort to get their lives back on track.

Are your old tires placing you at risk?

Do you have any Florida friends who live by the clockwork of their own house and vehicle maintenance routines? You know the type who has lists for everything with all projects, chores and upgrades scheduled on a calendar. For instance, there might be a date each Autumn when your friend takes down all the blinds in the house to give them a thorough cleaning, or, once a year, the ladder is brought out of the garage so all outside windows can be washed, even the high ones.

Have a safe and accident-free New Year's Eve

Every year an unfortunate number of individuals become victims in violent New Year's Eve car accidents. Due in large part to the dangerous propensity of some individuals to drink and drive, innocent bystanders can suffer serious injuries and even death when their vehicles suffer impacts with those of irresponsible motorists. Residents of Tampa may know others who have been affected by this upsetting but common occurrence.

What should I do if auto defects caused my injury?

When you purchase a car in Florida, you naturally expect the car to function reliably and properly. However, sometimes you simply received a lemon, or a car with auto defects, which you may only have discovered after something went wrong... If you or someone you know was injured because of a defective car part, you can seek justice through the civil court system.

Florida victims of drunk drivers have a right to compensation

There are significant criminal penalties for those who are convicted of drunk driving in Florida. Unfortunately, there will always be drivers who flout the law and drive drunk anyway. Some of them will cause a drunk driving accident that results in serious injury or death. It is important that the injured person or the decedent's family know their rights to be compensated through a civil lawsuit.

Distracted driving moves beyond texting to other apps

Drivers in Florida often see other drivers using their smartphones while operating their vehicles. The danger of this practice is well-known by now. Lawmakers are taking steps to legislate against it and law enforcement is cracking down on it. However, with the new technology available there are greater options for drivers that go beyond texting and driving. Researchers are looking into this to determine why it happens and how it can be avoided.

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